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Event Forms & Menus

From the list below, please download the application that matches your event.

Campus Beverage Internal Menu– Products and services that can be ordered through Campus Beverage Services for internal University departmental events only.
Note: FIS numbers are required for these products.

Campus Beverage External Menu – Products and services that can be ordered through Campus Beverage Services for external events only.

Beverage Services Fax Order Form – This form must be filled out and faxed to Beverage Services at (416) 971-3181 at least seven days prior to the event date.

Beverage Services Student Order Form – This form must be completed for all approved student events at least 14 days prior to the event date. Signature of the appropriate department/faculty member must be approved before the event will be approved.

Food Requirements for licensing – In accordance with the Liquor License Act and the University of Toronto Alcohol Policy event organizers “must ensure that light meals are available in the licensed establishment [area] at all times during which the service of alcohol is available: Acceptable “light meal” menus will usually, but not always, include five main selections and four snack/side dishes.  The menu should offer a reasonable variety of meals, either as single order or by combining orders, (e.g. Sandwiches with soup and /or salad).”  A combination of 2-3 options such as sandwiches, fruit and veggie platters, hot and cold appetizers, cheese or deli plates or desserts all constitute acceptable food options. Should an event run out of food while the service of alcohol is still available, organizers will be given a 15 minute window in which to bring out more food otherwise the bar must be closed.

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