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University Alcohol Policy

COVID-19 Updated Terms of Service:
Effective July 2020, the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing, was amended to reduce the risk of COVID-19 at establishments serving food and drink. Section 545.8.1 states that all customers must be seated at all times in an indoor or outdoor premises where food and alcohol is being served except when a customer is exiting the area, traveling to and from the premises’ washroom or paying.

All customers wishing to book with Campus Beverage Services must provide an approved Event Assessment Tool prior to booking.


Please download the University of Toronto St. George Campus Alcohol Policy  and the accompanying Alcohol Regulations.

By having a liquor license – and an Alcohol Policy – the University of Toronto takes on certain responsibilities, among which are:

  • A requirement that all alcohol served be purchased through the licensee; in the case of the St. George campus, this is the Beverage Services department
  • A requirement that events where alcohol is served meet applicable criteria, such as: control of occupancy, acceptable physical conditions (e.g., sufficient exit capacity, lack of trip hazards), availability of non-alcoholic beverages and food, where applicable
  • A requirement that service staff be trained under the University’s own Server Training Program
  • A requirement that controls be in place to ensure that persons not legally entitled to consume alcohol (intoxicated persons, or persons under the age of 19) do not do so

Failure to comply with the Liquor License Act can result in penalties, including substantial fines and the suspension or revocation of liquor license privileges, not just for the department or faculty that contravenes the Act, but for the whole campus.

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