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Medical Sciences Cafeteria Seating Area Booking

Please fill out this form if you wish to book the seating area (Room 2322) in the Medical Sciences Building Cafeteria, or the seating area in the cafeteria. The primary function for the room is to accommodate students with space to study and enjoy their meals, and completion of this form does not guarantee approval to use the space.

Please note: this space can be booked by the Medical Sciences community only. In addition the space is not available during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday, during the academic year.
  • During the months December and April to accommodate student study space.


Conditions of Use

1. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that the facility is cleaned up following the event, and furniture is returned to its normal layout. If the cafeteria requires additional cleaning or repairs for damages caused during the event, the group will be responsible for the cost and will be billed by Food Services.

2. The furniture is not to be removed without approval, and it is not permitted to move furniture into the surrounding area.

3. It is the responsibility of the group to arrange UofT security (if applicable), UofT Caretaking Services (if required), and any other services required.

4. The “contact person” is responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of the event.

5. Medical Sciences Building Cafeteria is defined as an eating area. If the seating is to be moved for this event, please provide a drawing of the proposed set up.

6. In the event that the group chooses to have alcohol at the event, it is mandatory that the alcohol be supplied by UofT Beverage Services (416-978-6415). Student groups must also complete the Student Event Application. The “contact person” must make arrangements directly with Beverage Services.

7. In order to confirm your reservation, a completed authorization form must be approved by the Principal, Faculty Dean, or Director’s Office in the building prior to the date of the event. In addition, the completed authorization form must be authorized by the Director of Food Services.

8. This space cannot be booked Monday to Friday during the academic year. It is also not available during the months of December and April, to accommodate student study space.

9. This space cannot be booked by external groups.

10. If this space is required during business hours, additional charges will apply.

11. If food is being served at this event, please read the Food Services Operations Principles.

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