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University of Toronto’s Return to Tap Water

As of September 2011, the University of Toronto is bottled water free. This means that there is no sale or distribution of bottled water, except at special events where bottled water is the only source of hydration. In addition, the University of Toronto is increasing and updating sources of public water on all three campuses.

The Process

The University of Toronto has implemented a five step process over three years to end the sale of bottled water, update existing infrastructure, add new water stations, improve signage, and educate the University community about switching to public water.

Goal 1: Phase out the sale of bottled water in all food and retail outlets over a three year period beginning in September 2011.

Goal 2: Invest in the installation of public water sources, which could include new or upgraded water fountains, and ensure that locations of public water sources are known.

Goal 3: Ensure that design standards for new buildings and major renovations include public water sources.

Goal 4: Eliminate the use of bottled water by academic and administrative departments for meetings and events on a voluntary basis.

Goal 5: Invest in and support education and outreach activities.

  • Media : Coverage on the bottled water phase-out
  • FAQs : Everything you need to know about the bottled water phase-out
  • The Water Map : Find water stations on the St. George campus
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Fun Facts

15oo students came out to the first Food Truck Eats event on a cold January day.

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