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On Tap FAQs

Why did you ban bottled water at the University?

  • Human right: Water should not be turned into a commodity which can be bought or sold. It is a basic human right, and should be available free for everyone.
  • Environmentally sustainable: Drinking tap water is more environmentally sustainable than the production, collection, sale and waste produced by bottled water.
  • Safer: Public sources of water are safer than bottled water. Municipal water is closely monitored and tested regularly. Bottled water, on the other hand, is not subject to municipal regulations and is tested less often.

Now that I can’t buy bottled water, what should I drink?

We encourage everyone to bring a reusable bottle with them, and fill it up with water. There are public sources of water on all three campuses, commonly known as water fountains or water stations. You can find them on the Water Map. And reusable bottles are available across campus (food outlets, bookstore) and off campus at many stores.

Who should I contact to request a water station in my building?

If you do not have a water station in your building, please contact your property manager or your department head, and request for a water station.

Do the fountains on campus dispense filtered water?

No, the water fountains on campus dispense Toronto tap water. The water from the fountains is not filtered. It is important to note that the City of Toronto regularly monitors and tests its water, due to which Toronto tap water is among the safest drinkable water sources in the world!

Where can I get more information about Toronto tap water?

Start here: If you do not find the information you are looking for, you can contact the City of Toronto for information about Toronto tap water.

What are bottle filling stations?

Bottle filling stations are special spouts on water fountains which can fill up bottles.As part of the decision to become bottled water free, the University of Toronto has adapted a standard water fountain/station. This standard station will be included in the construction of new buildings, renovations, and repairs. It includes two spouts at different heights, as well as a gooseneck which fills bottles. When you place your bottle in the cavity, the machine automatically detects the bottle and fills it.

Fun Facts

One tree is cut down for every 2400 paper cups produced. You can save 7 trees in your lifetime by lugging a mug.

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